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My counselling approach is one which absolutely values, respects and appreciates that every person and their life experience is unique. No two individuals experience life and what it presents in the same way, which is a common misconception in the wider world. This may be why, when people seek help by sharing problems with family and friends they may not feel truly heard, which can leave a person feeling isolated and alone with their emotional pain. I place great emphasis on my clients being able to share and express their own personal experiences along with the thoughts and emotions attached to them. The way in which we make meaning of things is individual and unique, just like every human being and I believe it to be of great value to a person's recovery and wellbeing  to be offered the opportunity to explore in safety and with freedom how they are experiencing their life and their world during therapy.

Feelings of not being heard or understood by others and the isolation and loneliness this can lead to may cause despair and people may find themselves feeling vulnerable and frightened; unsure of what to do next.


Numerous factors contribute towards who we are and how we are able to deal with the difficulties life may throw at us. It is important to realise that your problems, issues or concerns and the feelings and emotions attached to them are very much your own and so is your way of processing them. This is what you and I working together will aim to help you discover.

My counselling approach uses my own integrative framework for clinical practice. My framework is based upon six main psychological theories and blends elements of different models of counselling and psychotherapy. Through this type of integration my approach recognises and acknowledges that every person comes to counselling with their own unique template for living their life based upon their own life experience. My approach considers and respects the aspects which form the complexity of being human and the struggles we face in the changing world. These aspects include our relationship with ourselves, how we relate to others and why, how we behave, how we think, how we feel, our emotions, our general health and wellbeing and our unique beliefs and values.

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