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People seek counselling for a variety of reasons  and each person’s reason is driven by their own unique experience. Sometimes people develop an ongoing sense of difficulty in managing or coping with everyday life because of how they are feeling and this can impact severely on their ability to enjoy life as they would like. Examples of these feelings may be generally expressed by a person as feeling stressed, anxious or worried; depressed, weepy or low in mood; angry or on edge. Sometimes people may develop feelings of hopelessness because their feelings refuse to go away and their life may begin to feel it has no meaning; they reach a point where they just do not know how to move forward.

I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.

                                      Carl Jung

Counselling and psychotherapy offers a person a safe space in which to explore their issues; a space where the time they spend with their therapist is devoted 100% to them. A therapist is there to help a person make sense of what is happening to them personally and not simply label their experience. A therapist helps a person to explore their thoughts and feelings in a more structured way with a view to helping them resolve their crises, alleviate their distress and learn their own new and unique way of coping with life’s difficulties. In the long term, therapy enables a person to move forward into their everyday life with a greater sense of understanding of their own self and how they function. Through this self awareness and learned understanding, clients can leave therapy with the awareness and skills in place to better cope with life's challenges. Therapy can be seen as a process of becoming. A person moves towards becoming who they choose to be rather than who they believe they should be.

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